Septic System & Drain Field Repair Lakeland, FL

septic system repair in Polk County Florida

Septic System & Drain Field Repairs in Polk County, FL
We specialize in septic drain field diagnosis and repair

Are you having some trouble with your septic system?  Do you have waste water pooling up on your property?  Sewer backing up through your tub or shower?  Starting to notice some foul odors?  These can all be signs that your drain field is having some trouble.

Septic systems need to be properly maintained in order to continue dispersing and treating your waste water efficiently.  If the maintenance is ignored, or the septic system is abused, then it can lead to expensive problems that need to be fixed.

Lakeland Septic Company is a septic service company that specializes in repairing septic drain fields.  We are based out of Lakeland, FL and serving Polk County and Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas.

There are over 2.6 million septic systems in the state of Florida, with thousands of new septic systems being installed each year.  With lots of continued development happening in rural areas, septic systems are going to remain a popular method for treating wastewater well into the future.

Common Problems With Septic Systems & Drain Fields

Septic systems are relatively simple in their operation, and when they fail it's usually from lack of maintenance or user neglect.  Some of the most common problems we see are:

  • Not pumping the tank frequently enough.  The solids build up to the point where they begin to clog the drain field.  This prevents the waste water from dispersing into the field, and leads to sewage backups in your home or on your property.
  • Flushing baby/flushable wipes, female hygiene products, or FOG (fats, oils, and grease) down the toilet.  These can also clog up the pipes or your filter, and cause backups.
  • Tree roots infiltrating cracked pipes in your distribution box or your drain field or cracks in your septic tank.  The roots can then cause blockages that will prevent the flow of effluent into the drain field for proper dispersal and they need to be cleared out.
  • Crushing pipes in the drain field by driving vehicles or heavy equipment over top of it.
  • Septic tank filters get clogged and are not cleaned out causing sewage to back up into the drains in your home.

Septic System & Drain Field Repairs Lakeland & Plant City Florida

  • Septic tank inspections
  • Septic tank filter installation
  • Septic tank filter cleaning or replacement
  • Septic tank riser installations
  • Septic tank pump repairs and replacements
  • Septic drain field repairs and installations
  • Septic drain field inspections
  • Septic drain field troubleshooting

If you need to have your septic system repaired please call (863) 738-0504 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule a time to inspect and repair your septic system.