Lift Station Maintenance & Repair Lakeland, FL

Lift Station Maintenance In Lakeland Florida

Lift Station Maintenance & Repair In Polk County & Hillsborough County Florida

If your septic system doesn't allow for a natural downhill flow of effluent (wastewater) then a lift station is likely an integral part of your septic system.  Your lift station pumps the wastewater from a lower level up to a higher level in the system where it can be stored and then pumped using a vacuum truck.

Properly maintaining your lift station is critically important if you don't want your septic system to backup due to a system failure.

Lakeland Septic Company LLC is a septic company based out of Lakeland, FL and serving Polk County and Hillsborough County.  We specialize in the maintenance of residential and commercial lift stations including regular lift station maintenance, lift station inspections, lift station troubleshooting and repair, and lift station pump outs.

Commercial Lift Station Maintenance

  • Lift station pump inspections
  • Lift station pump replacements
  • Lift station pump controllers
  • Lift station troubleshooting
  • Lift station repairs
  • Lift station pumping

If you need to have your lift station inspected or repaired out please call (863) 738-0504 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule a time to pump out your lift station.