Drain Field Installation & Repair Lakeland, FL

Septic Drain Field Installation, Replacement, and Repairs.

Your septic system drain field or leech field is arguable the most expensive part of your entire septic system.  If your drain field needs to be replaced due to age or a lack of maintenance it can be expensive.   Drain fields are typically designed based on the number of bedrooms within the home and the square footage of the home.  The exact formula for drain field design can vary between residential and commercial applications.

Lakeland Septic Company is a septic services contractor based out of Lakeland, FL and serving Polk County and Hillsborough County.  We specialize in septic drain field installation, replacements, or repairs.  Whether you need a drain field replaced due to it's age, or it's been damaged by a lack of maintenance, or you need to resize the system because the current system is not able to keep up with your household or building demands.

Signs Your Drain Field Needs Some Attention:

  • Pooling of water on your drain field
  • Foul, sewage odors coming from the drain field
  • Sewage backup coming into your inside drains
  • Needing to pump your tank more frequently than normal

Common Reasons Your Septic Drain Field Might Fail:

There are many reasons a septic drain field can fail and would need replacement or repairs.

#1.  If you have driven over the drain field with a vehicle or any heavy equipment you can actually damage the piping by crushing it or cracking it.  This can damage and clog the dispersal field and is a common reason for replacement.

#2.  Allowing brush, trees, or plants to grow overtop of the septic drain field.  The root systems of plants love to infiltrate the pipes in your septic field to get at the nitrogen rich wastewater.  If this is ignored over a period of a few years it can damage the drain field and cause it too fail.

#3.  Not using an effluent filter in your septic tank can allow solids to flow through the tank and into your distribution box and into your septic drain field.  When the drain field becomes clogged it can no longer disperse of the wastewater which leads to system backups and ultimately damage to the system.

#4.  A lack of maintenance can also result in the drain field becoming overwhelmed with solids, clogging the system and causing it too fail.  It's a smart move to have your septic tank pumped out of all solids at least every 3-5 years.  This interval can vary depending on how the system is used and we can provide you with a good interval for your specific system after an inspection of your system.

If you need to have your septic drain field replaced or repaired please call (863) 738-0504 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule a time to pump out your lift station.